Blackthorn Transactions, LLC
Corporate Advisory Firm
Blackthorn Transactions, LLC is a CORPORATE ADVISORY firm based in New York City and Florida, with forthcoming locations throughout Europe, including, importantly, Central/Eastern Europe.

The firm's capabilities include both PRODUCTS and SERVICES with COVERAGE OF THE FULL DEAL SPECTRUM - from M&A to Outsourcing/Insourcing to Alliances generally. Services for selective engagements include target screening through due diligence to deal execution and management. To learn more, contact us at +1 561 826 7116, or by clicking on the link here ->

Value is captured through measurable results and provided by a broad array of both execution-oriented, point solutions as well as more strategic, systemic solutions. The approach is based on a proven 4-pronged, integrated approach in business, law, technology, international - and complemented by "game-changing", proprietary software ("TxnSoft" - under development).  The software utilizes techniques from artificial intelligence (AI) and 3-D graphics to automate the transaction process.

Our Key Competitive Advantages include:

1. ADVISORS - Coupled with the integrated 4-pronged approach above, Blackthorn employs a unique methodology that utilizes atypical metrics to attract and retain quality advisors possessing attributes such as ethics, intuition, passion, curiosity, team-orientation, humility, eloquence, discipline, stamina, empathy, agility, cultural temperament and a sense of a humor.

2. SOFTWARE - We were into AI well before it became cool (and viable). Our own unique, proprietary and deal-specific software focuses on the "3 C's" - communication, control and costs - providing the client with substantial, quantifiable and lasting value (all contrary to top-tier competitors). Again, our software is verifiably unique and game-changing. It's also fun to work with.  

3. MARKET - Continuous market research/knowledge points to unbounded yet turbulent market growth, and all trends point to more of the same going forward. Simultaneously, the market is increasingly fragmented. Although Blackthorn pursues all viable opportunities, the firm has a proven ability to exploit undeveloped market niches involving disruptive technologies - globally.

4. RELATIONSHIPS - Our firm has the ability to leverage a network of high-level contacts. In addition to Advisors, examples include Wall Street, Industry, Government, and International. This allows for linkages between regions and the leveraging of resources between and among the United States, Western and Central/Eastern Europe.

The challenge for corporations globally is to manage the increasingly explosive growth of information so as to utilize it in an efficient manner to increase profit. To manage the attendant "information overload", our VALUE STATEMENT is "achieving simplicity from complexity".

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